What We Do

LE Investigations offers legal services. We are dedicated to perfecting the trade through technology and training. As such, we set our services apart from the competition with flat-fee pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction through even the most challenging cases, whether already completing the original assignment or not. In addition to our noted fieldwork, LE Investigations is a firm focused on the part of the legal research process of identifying and retrieving account, asset, or contact information necessary to support legal decision-making. We tirelessly perform our services to exchange or gather needed information and present it timely and in a way that is easily understandable.

Service of Process

We deliver writs, subpoenas, or other legal papers to the people required to respond to them.

Insurance Research

We locate insurance information, whether it’s finding policy limits, a policy number, or if a policy even existed in the first place.

Financial, Real Estate, and Other Asset Research

We locate available asset information, such as bank accounts, real property, luxury vehicles, aircraft, and water vessels.

Individual Location Research

People are always moving! According to the US Census Bureau, in any given year, at least 30 million Americans move their place of residence and/or business, but old addresses often remain on file with you. That’s where we help. We find people, and we do so by examining their links to the world. Once a thread is found, we pull it, and keep pulling until we reach them.

Our Goal

Our aim is simple. We provide our clients with services that will help make informed decisions, or avoid costly ones.